Apple Pie - Artisan Clouds E Liquid

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Apple Pie - Artisan Clouds E Liquid 

A true classic for all of the right reasons, apple pie is connected with wholesomeness, comfort and of course, deliciousness. This vape juice encapsulates the wonderful combination of different flavors that come together to make this scrumptious, home baked style dessert blend. Artisan Clouds E Liquid has a real knack when it comes to developing flavors that take even the most simple of profiles and turn them into gourmet masterpieces that exceed even the loftiest of expectations. Give this juice a try if you are after a taste that will give you those hard to recreate, comfort food vibes. It will definitely leave you feeling relaxed and grounded with a peaceful, easy feeling that will have you able to find the mindfulness you desire. Apple Pie brings together a buttery, flaky, golden brown pie crust (you know the kind with all of the fancy, gorgeous cutouts), soft, sweet apple and irresistible cinnamon then adds in creamy vanilla custard and delectable cheesecake. All these are then combined perfectly for one of the most wonderfully authentic vaping experiences. Remember going to Grandmas house for supper and getting a whiff of the steaming hot apple pie that she would pull out of the oven. Remember being tempted so hard, you would rush through your dinner for a single bite? This juice has those exact same irresistible taste that will bring back those beautiful fond memories and make you feel so warm and happy but with an updated twist. Every dessert flavor fanatic needs to have a good, well blended, genuine tasting apple pie blend within their collection, it's a staple that will find its use again and again. Apple Pie is one of those desserts that has loads of flavor without being too rich, the perfect kind of sweet treat that you can indulge yourself in again and again without getting sick of it!

Primary Flavors: Apple, Pie, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Custard, Cheesecake