Awesome Apple Sour - Smoozie E Liquid

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Awesome Apple Sour - Smoozie E Liquid

When crisp, fresh taste comes to mind, one of the very first things that pops into your head is apples! They are this amazing, completely natural piece of produce that packs so much flavor that you will swear you were eating candy. The way that this juice provides you with such an exceptional vaping experience will have you consistently coming back to it whenever you need something that is going to be able to give you impressive, bold flavor that never becomes stale or boring in any way. When the fruits that you love are out of season, it can be difficult to be able to get that fresh, pure satisfaction that you're looking for. If you've ever had an overly ripe apple that's far past its prime, you'll know about that unappealing woody, dry texture that puts an awful taste in your mouth. This blend is giving you apple at its finest with every inhale that you take. Having access to something that is as pure, enjoyable and natural tasting as this is going to be a great asset and have you over the moon happy with your choice to have gotten it. Smoozie E Liquid is a brand that's not afraid to get out there and do something new and unheard of. They put so much passion and love into everything that they make and develop their juices to taste as familiar and authentic as possible. Awesome Apple Sour is going to have you puckering in delight as you taste its juicy, tart, freshly picked off of the tree apple flavor. This is a staple that will work hard in your collection to keep you on your toes and energized enough to master all of those goals that you strive towards.

Primary Flavors: Apple