Awesome Apple Sour - Smoozie Salt E Liquid

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Awesome Apple Sour - Smoozie Salt E Liquid

Whenever you vape this pure, clean blend you are going to be put into an energetic, exciting mood that is going to have you wishing that you would have come across it long ago. This is just the kind of juice that is going to drive you to get out there and make some real magic happen, you are going to vape this and instantly feel like you can take on the world. You will be able to vape this and start working on your goals in a hurry. The crisp, intenseness that is offered within this juice is something that can be quite difficult to be able to garner in a balanced way. This juice is something that will have your attention grabbed all at once and make you want to vape it as much as you possibly can to keep recapturing that intensity and boldness that you lust after. When you get a hold of this fabulous juice you are going to want to keep on coming back to whenever you need something that's bright and exciting to put you into an uplifted and excited mood. Smoozie Salt E Liquid has taken these juices that have made a massive splash on the industry and they have added in salt nicotine so that you will be able to access them whenever you need that all-important burst of fulfillment. Awesome Apple Sour is pure apple flavor at its very best with loads of amazing, delicious flavor that is going to stop you in your tracks with how it takes loads of amazing, in your face apple goodness and brings it directly to you.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Apple