Banana Ice - Pod Juice Salts

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Banana Ice - Pod Juice Salts 


If one is ever in the mood for a creamy and refreshing vape juice, perhaps this particular blend can be an excellent option when craving a draw. Banana Ice is one of the blends brought to us by Pod Juice Salts, which is the brand that uses several high-quality ingredients when developing their vape juices so that the primary flavors can remain potent throughout every trip. Banana Ice comes in a 30ml compact and durable bottle, and this allows one to comfortably and confidently travel with the salt e liquid if needed. Yes, this blend does contain some salt based nicotine, which lets everyone experience a satisfying throat hit when one takes a nice long draw. Choose from one of three nicotine strengths, 20mg, 35mg, and 55mg, and start puffing away with the level of intensity that is desired. With every pull fall in love with the smooth tropical banana flavor that combines well with the sweet and icy menthol. It makes every taste bud tingle from the inhale to the exhale. After trying out this blend, feel free to try some of the other vape juices from the Pod Juice Salts collection and recognize how Banana Ice stands out from the rest. 


Primary Flavors: Banana, Menthol