Barbi - Pinup Evolution Vapors

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Barbi - Pinup Evolution Vapors

This fun, flirty blend is inspired by the kind of girl who's always the first to volunteer herself to the local welcoming committee. Kind, friendly and a master of conversation, she's the perfect companion that you can always turn to when you need some positive encouragement and a warm smile to pick up your spirits. Barbi by Pinup Evolution Vapors is the flavor that will do it all. One puff of this and you’d be left with a deep connection that will lead you to repurchase time and time again. It's the warm hug that will have you feeling back in your own skin after a day full of trying new things and putting yourself in situations that sometimes are out of your comfort zone. Barbie by Pinup Evolution Vapors is a classic concoction that everyone knows, loves and has fond memories of. Perfectly ripened, bright red strawberries are covered with dollops upon dollops of sweet whipped cream that's so thick it makes those pretty little peaks. If you ever thought of what the version of a best friend would be in vape juice form, this juice really is it. Berries and cream offer the sweetness you crave in a way that is not too heavy but still effective for controlling those cravings. The bright fruit flavor will make everything seem clean and light with a vibrancy that makes everything else so much more positive and hopeful. We all need to look for the upside and it's impossible to be down in the dumps with a taste like this working to make you feel simply amazing. You've got a little cheerleader that you can pour into your mod and take along with you for support and pleasure. It will make a world of difference. It might just become your day to day companion for life.

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Whipped Cream