Batch 32 - RS Labs E Liquid

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Batch 32 - RS Labs E Liquid  

Craving something sweet is not out of the ordinary. You do not have the biggest sweet tooth, but sometimes you know that a sugary treat in the palate is definitely going to hit the spot. Well, if you think you can use a little treat to give you the satisfaction that you need, maybe you should give this e liquid a try that is going to be tasty. Batch 32 is certainly going to make you feel as if you are helping yourself to a pile of several graham crackers that are not going to be plain or stale. When you take the first pull, it is will not be long before you realize that the e liquid is giving you a savory graham cracker flavor. Opening up a box of graham crackers can be a magical experience because just by having the box in your hand, your mouth might begin to salivate. Feeling the graham cracker flavor scatter throughout your palate is going to give you the crunchy sensation that makes you want to start chewing. As you continue to inhale, you are going to taste the caramel notes that begin to sink into your taste buds. The caramel is going to be smooth and creamy, just the way you remember it. The longer you hold the e liquid in, the more you are able to admire how sweet this blend is getting. However, you are going to have to exhale at some point. As you carefully breathe out, you observe the clouds that seem to just pour out of your mouth. These clouds will get pretty big, but that is only because they want you to fall in love with the scent that they are about to surround you with. Your cloudy friends are going to be obnoxious and you will quickly want to take another hit once they have all fully disappeared.


Primary Flavors: Caramel, Graham Cracker