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BAX Brandy Alexander - Top Shelf Cocktail E Liquid by Lunar Rover
$ 17.95
BAX Brandy Alexander - Top Shelf Cocktail E Liquid by Lunar Rover
BAX Brandy Alexander - Top Shelf Cocktail E Liquid by Lunar Rover
BAX Brandy Alexander - Top Shelf Cocktail E Liquid by Lunar Rover
$ 17.95
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Product Description

BAX Brandy Alexander - Top Shelf Cocktail E Liquid By Lunar Rover



This chocolate cocktail might not compare to any of the decent cocktails you have had in the past. Brandy Alexander is the e liquid that might make you reminisce about the first drink you have ever had. You might not have ever drunk a boozy drink in the past, but you were willing to give it a try. Shy about consuming a cocktail that you might find undesirable, you go for the chocolate because you enjoy eating it, so maybe you will like it with a little twist. As you are going to give it a try, and your mod gets closer to your mouth, you can feel your mouth watering because you know for a fact you will enjoy the chocolate goodness that this e liquid has to offer. As you beginning pulling, you can taste the chocolate rush into your mouth and explode with a ton of sweetness. As the brandy begins to creep into your mouth, you get a little nervous, but eventually, you begin to enjoy it because it is blending well with the chocolate. It is interesting because chocolate may sometimes be a difficult ingredient to work with when it comes to developing an e liquid, but Bandy Alexander does an excellent job balancing out the chocolate and brandy. Both of these flavors are making their way down your throat and you may be surprised by how smooth it is going. As you leave it in your mouth for a bit, you begin to realize that maybe chocolate cocktails are good and that you should give others a try. When you breathe out, you let the smooth clouds exit your mouth, and they are making the experience better. Once you are done, you consider going for a couple more pulls because this cocktail was a delicious one. Be careful not to have too many because you do not want a hangover. Kidding! Go for as many as you want because this e liquid might be worth any hangover you will have the next day. This e liquid does not contain actual alcohol, so do not hold back on going for as many pulls as you would like. 


Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Brandy 


PG/VG: 30/70

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