Berry Blast - Dinner Lady Fruits E Liquid

Brand: Dinner Lady Fruits E Liquid

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This e liquid will give you the sugary and tart combination that usually makes you go crazy with every hit. Berry Blast is the e liquid that gives you the explosion of several cherries to occur in your mouth while giving you a little something extra. Dinner Lady Fruits E Liquid introduces us this amazing blend, while also showing us a couple of different e liquids to try out. Clearly, this dinner lady is not playing around when it comes to showing its fans that it still has a lot to offer even if it gets more mature over time. When you take a pull of this blend, you will enjoy the sweet cherry notes that will melt in your mouth and allow you to appreciate the wonderful hints that this fruit is known to give you. It will give you the cherry flavor without having to worry about any pits roaming around in your mouth without your permission. As you continue to inhale, you will start to savor the tart raspberries that will be ripe and rich, just the way you like it. The raspberries will make it possible for you to enjoy this unique combination that always seems to hit the spot. These berries will mingle well with each other and make sure you are convinced to take another hit almost right away after you exhale. There will be a small throat hit, but nothing that will be powerful or overwhelming. It will feel like a little tease letting you know that the future hits will only get better and better. Gently exhale and look at your cloudy friends that will quickly start to surround you. The clouds will be obnoxious so be ready to have room for everyone. They will carry this divine scent that may satisfy everyone nerve inside and outside of you. Once you fully let everything out of your system, it will not be strange to take another hit as soon as possible. 

Primary Flavors: Cherry, Raspberry 

PG/VG: 30/70