Berry Blast Ice - The Finest Fruit Edition On Ice E Liquid

Brand: The Finest Fruit Edition On Ice E Liquid

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Berry Blast Ice - The Finest Fruit Edition On Ice E Liquid

Whoo! Can you feel the icy chill of this effective blend blowing past you, causing a chill to go deep down to your very bones? This is one of those blends that's flavor is just as important as the texture and feel that it gives you. You'll be getting this really juicy, refreshing fruit taste that has just the right amount of chilly menthol brought into the mix that has it exceeding even your very highest of expectations. If you take a moment, you can totally picture it. You're out and about, running around town with a million different tasks on your to-do list, completely flustered, overwhelmed and overheated. There's no worse feeling out there and what you could really use is a good break. Even if your schedule doesn't allow for a few hours spent lounging around and possibly taking a nap, you can very quickly access the flavor that's held in this blend for that feeling of revival that you so greatly need in a hurry. It really doesn't get more convenient than a vape juice blend to help in mitigating your cravings and a blend such as this one is really going to come to your rescue quite often. The Finest Fruit Edition On Ice E Liquid is one of those brands that always come out with really impressive, true to form flavors. Berry Blast Ice mixes together strawberries, blackberries and raspberries together with menthol in this cooling creation.

**This product comes in 2, 60ml bottles.**

Primary Flavors: Blackberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Menthol