Berry - Mucho by The Neighborhood E Liquid

Brand: Mucho by the Neighborhood E Liquid

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Berry - Mucho by The Neighborhood E Liquid

Everyone likes berries. There’s at least one kind of berry you like… even if it’s just a berry-flavored candy, or drink. Tart, sweet, tangy… berries can run the gamut when it comes to taste, and they are all delicious in their own ways. If you grew up in a more rural area, you probably saw patches of wild strawberries or blackberries, growing behind your house or in the local park. There was always something exciting about searching for the best, ripest berries in the bunch, then picking them and taking them home. Maybe you ate them, or maybe you didn’t; but it was fun to pick them yourself. Usually, though, you can only find one type of berry at a time. But one of the best things about berries is the way they taste when combined. Regardless of what berries you have, you can put them together to create a delicious medley of fruit that will make a sweet treat anyone can enjoy. That’s why Mucho eJuice made Berry, a blend of the most popular berries: tangy red raspberries, sweet blueberries, and tart blue raspberries. Together, these flavors combine to make a mouthwatering flavor profile that is as strong as an actual bite from a berry fruit salad. It’s a powerful, potent taste, both sweet and tart, and definitely enjoyable. Berry is a fantastic way to enjoy a handful of fruity goodness without worrying about the mess. And because it’s from Mucho eJuice, you are assured a strong vape that is a smooth experience every time. You get a rich, full vape with a potent flavor profile from the beginning of the bottle to the end. So, the next time you want to enjoy the taste of mixed berries, don’t worry about finding, cleaning, and carrying around a bunch of messy berries. Instead, grab a bottle of Berry and enjoy the flavor during your next vaping session; you’ll be glad you did!

Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Blueberry