Blood Orange Strawberry - Nolli E Liquid

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Blood Orange Strawberry - Nolli E Liquid 

Nothing will get your blood pumping quite like an intense juice blend that is packed with tart, natural fruit flavor. This one has got all of the aspects that most of us look for in a fruit based blend and offers up a couple of flavors that you don't typically see around. There is most definitely an air of adventure that radiates from this juice that has an exotic twist that will have you picturing yourself in the middle of some luscious rain forrest paradise, minus the scary animals and humidity. As you can imagine yourself in paradise, being surrounded by gorgeous wildlife and succulent plants it will be like those dreams that you used to have in your younger years are actually coming to life. Most, if not all of us had fantasized at one point about being some explorer whose whole life was spent making exciting new discoveries. Not all of us can live such a crazy kind of life but it is still fun to be able to think about it and imagine just what you would do if you were ever in that situation. A well made blend can really stir up your imagination and you will find that this completely realistic juice is going to be great at putting you into that head space. Nolli E Liquid doesn't back down when it comes to flavor, they relentlessly work to make expressive blends that are over the top bold and able to always give you satisfying vaping sessions that will have you feeling all warm and fuzzy deep down inside. Blood Orange Strawberry combines bright red, juicy blood oranges that have a mouth puckering tartness about them and adds in some sweet, ripe strawberries that round things out perfectly.

Primary Flavors: Blood Orange, Strawberry