Blue Harvest - Vape Wild E Liquid

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Blue Harvest - Vape Wild E Liquid  

When you are hanging out on a warm summer day, sometimes a nice refreshing beverage will make everything a lot better. It is sometimes difficult to discover the drink that is going to hit the right spot. Well, this e liquid is about to make everything a lot better because now you can have a good time puffing away with a blend that will make your mouth water. Blue Harvest might sound like something that you do in the fall season, but it is actually an e liquid that is going to make you feel good because of the different fruits that it puts together in order for you to have a good time vaping. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to taste the juicy watermelon making its way into your mouth. One fruit that you always like to enjoy in the summer is watermelon because its juiciness makes you feel refreshed and ready to continue on with your day. Suddenly, you get this succulent sweet and tart combination that is going to make your taste buds freak out. This sensation is coming from the mix of berries that were added into the blend. It might be a couple of raspberries giving you the tart and a couple of blueberries giving you the sweetness, but you might not be quite sure. All you know is that you are enjoying this trip that is just bursting with different flavors. As you savor on, you will taste the lemonade making its way in and flooding your mouth with this refreshing goodness. Made from freshly made lemons, this e liquid is going to convince you that you will no longer support those basic lemonade stands in your neighborhood. Actually, maybe you will, depending on if the money raised is going to a good cause.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Blueberry, Lemonade

PG/VG: 35/65