Blue Raspberry Ice - Super Salt E Liquid

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Blue Raspberry Ice - Super Salt E Liquid 

Discovering the perfect blue raspberry flavor can be a pretty tedious task. There are so many vape juice collections out there that swear they know how to give you the flavor without any issues. While many brands are selling you a dream they cannot make come true, Super Salt E Liquid believes it has the taste you need in your palate that you have been missing out on. Blue Raspberry Ice is the name of the iconic salt e liquid that will most likely make your taste buds start a riot in your mouth. Of course, this will be because you have been keeping this particular vape juice away from them for a while. As you take a hit, you will grow familiar with the blue raspberry notes that you have clearly not savored this way. It almost makes you feel as if you are helping yourself to an incredible piece of candy that no company has had the ability to create. It melts in your mouth and the hints just get better. As you continue to inhale, you will taste the incredible menthol notes that give you the icy feel, which you crave from time to time. Suddenly, the flavors come together and you feel like you are helping yourself to some kind of blue raspberry ice pop. The different treats this one salt e liquid reminds you of will make your mind go crazy. The salt based nicotine allows this vape juice to give you a unique throat hit that allows this explosion of different flavors to go off in your mouth as if it was some kind of volcano. When you exhale, your beautiful petite cloudy friends will make an appearance. They smell amazing, but you might not pay too much attention because you might be eager for a fresh new hit. 

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Menthol