Blue Razz Ice - Sweet & Salty E Liquid

Brand: Sweet & Salty E Liquid

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Blue Razz Ice - Sweet & Salty E Liquid 

With a fridged chill that can instantly put you into a revived vibe, on those long, hard days, no juice can come through quite like Blue Razz Ice. It's going to give you a delectable flavor that hits hard as well as assists in making you feel cooled down and revived. As soon as you start vaping it, you will immediately notice how well that it was worked together. You get just the right amount fruit flavor that's given a dash of menthol that doesn't overtake its taste but only acts to elevate and complement it. When you're feeling like your vaping routine has gotten a little bit old and predictable, sometimes the only thing that you need to do to add some excitement is pick up a new juice blend. It's hard to deny the amount of time and care that's clearly gone into this selections production, every last detail was fussed over until it was truly perfected. Sweet & Salty E Liquid is one of those brands that really does come out with spectacular salt based juices that convey authentic fruit flavors in a modern, dynamic way. Blue Razz Ice is a mash up of bold blue raspberry and menthol.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and is not intended for sub ohm vaping.**

Primary Flavors:  Blue Raspberry, Menthol