Blueberries & Creme - Mimi's French Toast E Liquid

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Blueberries & Cream - Mimi's French Toast E Liquid 

You're really in for a treat with this spectacular vape juice blend that brings together wholesome flavors in a beautiful way. One of the very best things about having a day off is the fact that you usually have a little bit more flexibility in your schedule so you can take your time and do what feels good when you want to do it. Some of us are really able to thrive with that extra time where you can let it all go and take your time. No matter how organized you are and even if you have the very best intentions, many mornings are crazy busy and you'd cut as many corners as you could so that you could stay in bed for only a few moments later. This usually means that you have to grab something quick and easy on the run and go without the warm plate of breakfast that you've been craving and fantasizing about for so very long. Mimi's French Toast E Liquid is the key to being able to enjoy the fabulous flavors that you love any day of the week, no matter how crazy and rushed it is. Extremely high quality and packed with well represented flavor that's authentic and well balanced, you are going to find yourself so incredibly overjoyed that you're able to reach for this blend whenever that need for a wholesome flavor arises. Blueberries & Cream takes a warm french toast base and covers it with succulent, bright tasting blueberries and light, fluffy sweet cream. There's no way that you'll be able to go without this juice by your side anymore.

Primary Flavor: Blueberry, Cream, French Toast