Blueberry - Drip Wich E Liquid

Brand: Drip Wich E Liquid

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Blueberry - Drip Wich E Liquid

**Awarded 'Best E-Liquid Brand' at ECC 2017 in Detroit, Michigan.

You don't have to do a double take, yes that's a waffle ice cream sandwich. Who would have thought of bringing together these two amazing snacks together would make something that goes together this well? It's like a party in your mouth and all of your taste buds are invited. So get that amazing celebratory feeling, even if it's first thing on a Monday morning with this blend that will make your blues go away, lift the clouds and let the sunshine in. If they offered these at your local ice cream truck, you would be willing to run for miles to get a hold of one of these tempting treats. Drip Wich E Liquid has really come out with something that's fantastic and unique with this line. Different than anything that's already out there, you can finally add some excitement and adventure into your routine. Blueberry takes two of the most delectable, right out of the waffle maker waffles and puts a healthy serving of creamy, dreamy, thick ice cream in between then tops it all off with a vibrant, bold, natural tasting blueberry syrup that will drive you wild! It doesn't get much better than a dessert flavor that hits all of the right spots and leaves you completely and totally satisfied in every single way. So give yourself a little indulgence, you deserve to be able to enjoy yourself without having any guilt or reservations. One of the best forms of pampering and self care is through vaping, its ideal for giving yourself a moment to relax, reset and find a new, more positive perspective. Your new vaping companion is here and it will never, ever let you down!

Primary Flavors: Waffle, Ice Cream, Blueberry

PG/VG: 20/80