Blueberry - Johnny Creampuff Salt E Liquid

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Blueberry - Johnny Creampuff Salt E Liquid

Close your eyes and visualize a field that's almost entirely blue due to an influx of juicy, ripe blueberries that mark the beginning of the summer season. You just can't help but smile and feel a warmth wash over you when you imagine this gorgeous scene. Odds are, you'll probably find your mouth watering just a little bit as well. As scrumptious as these fruits are on their own, many of us would prefer them as a part of a decadent dessert. This is the kind of selection that you are going to be so happy to be able to access when you crave that something sweet that has a light, fresh quality about it as well. This is the kind of juice that can completely and totally redefine what you thought that a dessert based blend was capable of after all. It has that sweetness that you crave and long for with a hint of richness and then that vibrancy that hits you like a left hook and leaves you wanting to take inhale after inhale of it. Johnny Creampuff Sat E Liquid is a line that you are going to want to check out if you are on the hunt for a dessert based everyday blend that will give you those qualities that you desire without being heavy or overwhelming in any way. It's impossible to put a blend like this down when every inhale tastes like its the first one that you've ever had. Blueberry will shock your taste buds with its out of this world combination of light pastry, rich cream and ripe, in-season blueberries.

** This liquid is made with salt-based nicotine and not intended for sub-ohm vaping.***

Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Pastry, Cream