Blueberry Kiwi - D-Licious E Liquid

Brand: D-Licious E Liquid

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Blueberry Kiwi - D-Licious E Liquid 

If you are looking for an e liquid that will be sweet and tart, then Blueberry Kiwi will be the perfect blend for you to try out. Being one of the vape juices from the D-Licious E Liquid collection, you better believe that this e liquid will be amazing. When you take a hit of this blend, the succulent combination of the fruity notes will quickly make their way into your palate. The blueberry notes will be mouthwatering since they are packed with a richness that satisfies your sweet tooth. It even feels as if every berry is melting in your mouth and giving you what you deserve. As you continue to inhale, the tart kiwi will have a sour touch that makes your mouth pucker for a bit. Once the two unique sensations come together, it may not take long for you to easily fall in love with the blend. With a gentle throat hit, this e liquid will also be one to always have in stock. It will be a smooth hit that enhances the entire flavor a little bit so that you can appreciate the trip some more. When it is time to exhale, admire the wonderful clouds that will flow out and put on the cloud show that many people find entertaining. Your cloudy buddies will be massive as they scatter around you like they were protecting you from something. Their fragrant aromas will please anyone that takes a whiff and convince them that this is a vape juice that should be indulged on a daily. Once the clouds disappear, there is nothing stopping you from taking another hit and enjoying the whole vape trip all over again. This e liquid is available in a 100ml chubby gorilla bottle that will hold a ton of vape juice for you. It is not going to finish itself, so take as many hits as you wish. 

Primary Flavors: BlueberryKiwi