Blueberry Kiwi Ice - D-Licious E Liquid

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Blueberry Kiwi Ice - D-Licious E Liquid 

Blueberry Kiwi Ice is the vape juice that will keep you salivating for days. Part of the D-Licious E Liquid collection, this amazing e liquid will give you a wonderful combination of two unique fruits plus an icy kick that will melt in your mouth. Once you are ready to go on a couple of vape trips with this e liquid, slowly take a hit and pay attention to everything that this blend has to offer. The blueberry notes will be incredible as they quickly make their way into your palate and quickly scatter all over the place. Clearly, they want to be the fruity hints that you experience first. These berries will be rich and sweet, and they make you feel as if you were eating an entire bowl of them that were freshly picked. As you continue to inhale, the kiwi notes get potent and offer a tart sensation that will make your mouth pucker for a second. It is going to be a tiny bit sour, but nothing that will be too overwhelming. Suddenly, you get a little cold and begin to wonder why. The menthol grows potent in your mouth as it gives you the icy hints that please every taste bud that you have in your palate. This e liquid may even offer you a tiny throat hit that will make the flavors pop some more. Once it is time to exhale, do not be afraid to breathe out and let everything out of your system. Your cloudy friends will pay you a wonderful visit and they will certainly make a statement when they form in front of you. They will be obnoxious, but they also carry these amazing aromas that will make you love this e liquid some more. This cocktail of greatness will make you want to go on several five minutes breaks whenever you have this blend on deck. Purchase the 100ml chubby gorilla bottle and start puffing away. 

Primary Flavors: BlueberryKiwi, Menthol