Blueberry Pie - Chop Shop Bakery E Liquid

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Blueberry Pie - Chop Shop Bakery E Liquid 

This wholesome, classic dessert dish is going to have you thinking about sunny, summer days spent at Grandmas house while she bakes those fabulous family favorites that everyone fights for a piece of. Now you can have all of that deliciousness to yourself without having to share thanks to this vape juice that seems to somehow be able to seamlessly recreate Grandmas secret recipe. There are certain flavors that everyone knows and loves, this is one of them that instantly hits your taste buds and gives you that filling, comfort food feeling that makes for a great all day, everyday blend that will help you to really relax and soak it all in. If you are a sweet tooth who is after a dessert that is able to marry together decadence and freshness for the warmer weather, this juice is going to most definitely fit the bill and leave you completely awe struck by its boldness and authenticity. A blend like this is going to allow you to access that wonderful bakery fresh deliciousness with an ease and convenience that is going to completely change your routine and make sure that you never have to struggle with those devastating sweet cravings ever again. Chop Shop Bakery E Liquid makes spectacular juice blends that has an 'it' factor you just can't help but find yourself falling in love with. They utilize only the very best of the best top shelf ingredients in the development of all of their different products and refuse to cut any corners so that you can get that premium experience that you deserve. Blueberry Pie has a flaky, buttery base that is packed to the brim with sweet, succulent blueberries and topped off with a big dollop of silky smooth whipped cream.

Primary Flavors: Whipped Cream, Pastry, Blueberry

PG/VG: 30/70