Blue's Lemonade - Solace Vapor

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Blue's Lemonade - Solace Vapor

Taking one of the most popular summertime refreshment options and recreating it with a new, more exciting twist, this vape juice blend made by Solace Vapor can make for an easy to grab and popular option for any days where revival is a priority. Blue's Lemonade comes in a 60ml bottle size with 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths to choose from. It was made out of elements that were selected for how they are able to work with one another to make for a realistic flavor recreation, a smoother texture, and some big, fluffy clouds for a premium, well-rounded selection that can appeal to those of all experience levels. Solace Vapor has a skill for creating blends that can bring together unlikely elements to make for interesting, complementary, and delicious profiles that can bring something fresh and exciting into their customer's collections. They manufacture their products according to carefully chosen steps that can ensure better quality and more consistent end result. Blue's Lemonade has a tart and tangy homemade lemonade base that's complemented by a splash of intense, sour blue raspberry.

Primary Flavors:

Lemonade, Blue Raspberry