Bold Menthol Fin Tank (2 Pack) - Fin

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Bold Menthol Fin Tank (2 Pack) - Fin

Don't just settle for some wimpy juice that doesn't get the job done! This intense blend is going to send your senses to a much better place with its way of grabbing a hold of all of your taste buds and refusing to let go. If it is freshness that you are after, look no further! You are going to be blown away by just how bold and effective that this blend is and how it can make you feel alive and awakened even if you were up into the wee hours of the morning scrolling through your phone. Even those of us who try our best to have a more regimented bed time still struggle with being able to actually fall asleep and get a good nights rest. So on those days where you feel anything but your best and you could use a quick bit of perkiness to change your attitude, you will be able to reach for this blend and get all of that great energizing positivity that can turn things around as quickly as can be. Fin makes some really wonderful options for vapers on the go that are compact, functional and of course, super stylish. This two pack of tanks for the Fin device have a 2.4ml capacity, are designed with proprietary V Tank technology and are very easy to use.

Primary Flavors: Menthol

Product Features:

  • Proprietary V-Tank™ Technology
  • 2.4 ml of prefilled premium e-liquid
  • More convenient. No spills or messy refilling

Package Contains:

  • 2 x 2.4ml V Tanks in the flavor Bold Menthol

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