Bourbon Tobacco - Salty Fog E Liquid

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Bourbon Tobacco - Salty Fog E Liquid

Do you crave a touch of class to make you feel pampered? If so, you will quickly come to find that this blend is able to give you that upper class feeling at an affordable price. Anyone who loves a good tobacco flavor will really enjoy the way that this blend takes that classic flavor that we are all so familiar with and remakes it with a new spin that is going to capture all of your taste buds and get you excited about vaping once again. This is a very sophisticated flavor that is so over the top complementary and easy to enjoy that you are going to struggle to be able to switch to anything else after trying it. Whenever you can access a blend like this you are going to be opening yourself up to so much extra enjoyment and pleasure that will have you relaxed and relieved. We all could use a way to be able to wind down when we have a million things on the go and a blend like this is going to be a wonderful way to be able to get into that amazing space where you can let your troubles disappear and focus on the pure, delightful flavor that's being imparted on you. Salty Fog E Liquid creates some of the most amazingly delicious salt based blends that you will ever find with unique flavor profiles and a quality that is unparalleled. Bourbon Tobacco combines a rich, earthy tobacco base with some smooth, delicious bourbon.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Bourbon