Mocha Hazelnut Coffee - Brewed Awakening Salt E Liquid

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Mocha Hazelnut Coffee - Brewed Awakening Salt E Liquid

There's nothing that gets your blood pumping faster and prompts you to throw back your blankets faster than smelling some freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Its familiar scent tickles your nose and immediately sets the tone for an energized and productive kind of day. You can be overtired, your hair can be all over the place and you can still be struggling to come to terms with the fact that you are no longer in bed but as soon as the taste of coffee imparts itself on you, it's like you get this instantaneous boost that brings you back into your old self again and prepares you for anything that comes your way. This is going to be the must-have blend for any of the population who wakes up that fifteen minutes early and makes the commute to the local coffee shop to wait in line just to receive the wrong order. No one has time for that, especially when you have a blend like this one around that has all of that delicious, classic flavor that you look for in a much more convenient way. Brewed Awakening Salt E Liquid takes coffee shop favorites and brings them to life with salt nicotine and loads of details that elevate each and every one of their different blends. You won't ever have to question the quality of their different products and they are definitely a line that you are going to want to look out for. Brewed Awakening is a staple that will have every morning feeling just a tad more luxurious. It takes that rich, deep coffee base that you love and adds in a hint of caramel, some savory hazelnut and a hint of cream.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not designed to be used in sub ohm tanks**

Primary Flavors: Coffee, Chocolate, Hazelnut