Bronze Blend - Nasty Juice E Liquid

Brand: Nasty Juice E Liquid

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Bronze Blend - Nasty Juice E Liquid

This intricately blended vape juice is going to capture your heart with its incredibly rich flavors and multi-dimensional quality that will keep up your interest for a prolonged time. The classic, American style tobacco taste that we're all familiar with is turned up a notch with the addition of a creamy caramel and premium vanilla that give a velvety, buttery quality to this amazing juice. If you're a sweet tooth who struggles with tobacco cravings, this juice is going to fill up all of the right spots leaving you satisfied and full of cheer. A great sophisticated juice that will find itself in heavy rotation throughout your collection and can easily become your new all day, every day vaping companion. Tobacco is known to pair exceptionally well with sweet flavors and this combination of intense caramel and high quality vanilla really do make for a combination that is simply heavenly. Bronze Blend by Nasty Juice is worth its weight in bronze itself for the exceptional amount of craftsmanship and the top shelf ingredients that went into its production. Nasty Juice is known for how amazingly authentic tasting and pleasant feeling their blends are and this one is no exception to the positive reputation they have built for themselves in the vaping industry. This blend is reminiscent of one of those super sweet cigars. The aroma is so delicious that everyone will want to know just what that lovely smell is. A great way to help curb those cravings and reach those new years resolutions with ease and confidence. Love the juice you vape with this holy grail flavor that will cover all of the cravings that get in your way. Yummy, buttery, and guilt-free. What more could you want in a juice?

Primary Flavors: Caramel, Vanilla, Tobacco

PG/VG: 30/70