Bubble Mystery - Chubby Vapes Salt

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Bubble Mystery - Chubby Vapes Salt

We all love a little bit of mystery every once in a while, right? That suspense and excitement is what helps you to be able to keep on your toes and looking forward to vaping. What more could you ever desire than having a delicious and mysterious blend in their collection that is going to allow you to really have the time of your life without much stress or struggle, the convenience is what really makes a blend like this an amazing way to be able to add a little bit of adventure into your routine. Who would have ever thought that something so exciting could be a possibility in this realm? One of the most magical things that it can offer you is this complex flavor that comes through no matter what and gives you something that is so special and truly set apart from all of the rest without any doubts entering your mind. With one or two inhales you are going to feel your mood uplifted and your outlook being so much more optimistic than ever before in the past. Don't worry about your troubles just take a moment to inhale this blend and feel that smile spread across your face. Chubby Vapes Salt makes some of the most magical and enjoyable blends that will continuously give you loads of bold, well thought out flavor that will give you everything that you could ever hope for and so much more. They have a skill for recreating flavors with a huge amount of authenticity so that you are able to get all of that delectable, interesting flavor that you have come to crave all at once. Mystery Bubble takes a bubblegum base and packs it with some delicious, mystery fruits.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Bubblegum