Bubble Razz - Chubby Vapes Salt

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Bubble Razz - Chubby Vapes Salt

Whenever you get a blend like this into your hands, you know full well that every vape session is going to be packed with this undeniable, explosive energy that knocks you clear off of your feet and puts you into the mood to make some magic happen. We all get into these modes where all that we do is procrastinate and can't really get up the gumption to take anything unnecessary on. Whenever you can vape this juice it's like you're gaining access to this mystical, magical elixir that has the power to turn around the entire projection of your day. This is a fact that will have you reaching for it over and over again to be able to get a little bit of that scrumptious, unbelievably delicious flavor that can touch you deep down and put you into a mood that you are never going to want to have to come back from. The absolutely stunning effect that it has is unlike anything else that's out there and as soon as you go to take an inhale of it you are going to be beyond stunned and unable to get enough of it. That's just the magic of a blend like this that will keep you loving it and consistently coming back to it all of the time. Chubby Vapes Salt makes some truly special selections that are going to pop up and give you so much that you are never going to be able to stop coming back to them whenever you need something sweet, fresh and fun to help liven up your routine just a little bit. Bubble Razz starts out with the most scrumptious bubblegum base that's been infused with bold blue raspberries.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry