Bubble Trouble - Dinner Lady Ice E Liquid

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Bubble Trouble - Dinner Lady Ice E Liquid 

Bubble Trouble, by Dinner Lady Ice E Liquid, might be the blend that gives you the nostalgic feeling like you are a kid again helping yourself to some of the sweetest pieces of candy ever, specifically bubble gum. When you take a hit of this blend, you might feel as if you just popped a piece of gum in your mouth. Feeling as if you can start chewing at any second for no reason, the sugary notes melt away and satisfy your sweet tooth. Eventually, the creamy menthol makes a special appearance and offers the icy touch that many people cannot resist. This duo is unique and one you never pictured yourself ever trying. Since this blend has a PG/VG level of 30/70, you better be ready for the experience that will leave you convinced this may be one of the best vape juices you may ever come in contact with. The throat hit is phenomenal because it has a nice balance of intensity and smoothness without being overpowering. It allows the primary flavors to stand out some more so that you can savor the combination at a high quality. Focus on the various hints and notes that this e liquid has prepared for you because there is no other vape juice like it. Slowly breathe out and let the e liquid gently glides over your tongue and make its way out of your mouth. The clouds form in front of you and only get bigger and bigger by the second. Their obnoxious size will be beautiful to look at and the scent will be divine. It almost smells like you are at a candy shop smelling all of the sweet pieces of gum that are being made. With the 60ml bottle, have fun going on several vape trips with this e liquid like no other. 

Primary Flavors: Bubble Gum, Menthol

PG/VG: 30/70