Bubble Trouble (Salt E Liquid) - Dinner Lady E Liquid

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Bubble Trouble (Salt E Liquid) - Dinner Lady E Liquid

You can never get sick of the classics. that's why they have lasted the test of time and have been able to stay just as desirable and relevant as ever over all of the years. This blend is going to absolutely shock you with how it takes a flavor that many of us are used to trying to hide and gives it to you in a form that you will be using loud and proud. Can you remember the rush of trying to hide that wad of bubble gum underneath your tongue or in the side of your cheek every time that your teacher would turn around from the blackboard? It would definitely add to the thrill and actual enjoyment of that classic confectionery. Now that you're all grown up and free to chew gum just as much as you'd like, you're far too concerned about the cavities and getting it stuck to everything that you own to really be able to enjoy it to the full extent. So for those of us that crave that classic flavor but want to keep being just as responsible as we always are, this is going to be the ideal option that ensures all of our needs are taken care of. Dinner Lady E Liquid is a line that makes some truly fantastic products that are going to be able to make their way into your collection and offer a whole lot of satisfaction that you will never be able to get enough of. The quality that they bring to the table is second to none and you will be sure to have a good time as long as you have them around. Bubble Trouble is a delectable bubble gum flavored blend that will shock you with how sweet and flavorful that it really is.

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Bubblegum