Buddha Berry - Buddha Belly E Liquid By VR Labs

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Buddha Berry - Buddha Belly E Liquid By VR Labs 

You must have rubbed your rabbit's foot for good luck this morning because this blend entering your consciousness can only be attributed to fate. When you hear about the different flavors that all come into play within this multi dimensional blend you are going to know that it was meant to be all along. It has got that bold, complex and invigorating fruit flavor that will be able to energize and awaken your senses to the fullest, giving you a great option that will be able to bring a little bit of positive, uplifting goodness into your day. Who doesn't want something around that helps them to feel better? It's the little things that usually make a huge difference and adding a juice like this into the mix is an inexpensive, easy and incredibly convenient way of being able to impart a little bit more joy into the mix. Buddha Berry really is the ultimate day to day juice that will give you that whole package vaping experience that will leave you completely and totally content, not needing anything else to give you fulfillment. Get into that peaceful state of mind with a juice that has got everything you want in one bottle that will be able to come along for all of your big adventures throughout life. Buddha Belly E Liquid creates a wide range of different blends that take fruit flavors and amplify them to new heights so that you can get all of the bright, inspiring tastes that you have been wishing for in their best form. Buddha Berry combines tart blackberries, succulent, ripe raspberries and juicy strawberries with a velvety textured smoothie base that has a slight hint of rich cream.

Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry