Buttabeer Blue - Buttabeer E Liquid

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Buttabeer Blue - Buttabeer E Liquid

Tap, tap, tap. Can you hear that? Look out your window, there may just be an owl waiting for you with a letter in its beak. Let him in and open up the envelope to see what mysterious message is inside. It's an invitation to a land full of magic and this vape juice blend is the only thing that's going to take you there. Inhale and be transported to a world full of fun. Get ready for a bundle of new experiences that will give your imagination a boost and your spirit a little extra lifting that will make you feel out of this world. Beyond bewitching, you can expect this juice to take over your taste buds and make for an overall experience that will have your senses completely enveloped in its magical presence. Buttabeer Blue is a new take on the old wizards classic brew. You're going to love how smooth, complex and well represented all of the flavors included within it are. A freshly brewed, strong espresso makes for the base of this blend. A unique, smoked butterscotch that is rich, creamy and packed with decadence is drizzled into the cup, then, topped off with a silky cream that brings everything together. You can't find a coffee blend that tastes even near as complex and fabulous as this blend at any shop in this universe. You'll have to find a way to transport yourself to another dimension so hop on your broom stick and fly away or if you are just a regular old mortal, hop onto your computer and order this juice today. Creative and fun, we could all use a little extra lighthearted cheer in our lives and this juice is going to have you jumping for joy!

Primary Flavors: Coffee, Cream, Butterscotch