CA Pops - TearDrip E Liquid

Brand: TearDrip Juice Co

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CA Pops - TearDrip E Liquid 

No need to cry when trying out this e liquid, but you might want to get a tattoo of a teardrop on your face because you are about to murder this bottle of e liquid. CA Pops is one of the e liquids that is part of the TearDrip E Liquid collection, and it is certainly making sure it stands out from the other blends in the roster. This e liquid will take you back to the days where you were always excited when the carnival came to town. However, now you do not bother heading to one because most of them are a waste of money. On the positive side, they sometimes have the tastiest treats that you know you can only enjoy from time to time. When you decide to take a hit, take your time appreciating the candied apple flavor that you are going to receiving when indulging in this blend. The apple will be packed with several juicy notes, which notifies anyone who tries this e liquid that only the ripest apples were used to create this blend. Continue to inhale and admire the creamy caramel flavor that is soaked on top of the apples to offer the sugary touch like no other. The touch of sweet candy will make your taste buds tingle. The more these primary flavors mingle with each other, the more difficult it grows to let this blend out of your system any time soon. The minor throat hit enhances the flavors and makes this scatter throughout your palate. When it is time to exhale, make sure not to do it so quickly. Fall in love with the slow motion of the e liquid gently gliding over your tongue. It teases your taste buds and, before you know it, the clouds begin to form in front of you. The bigger they get, the more you are able to smell their incredible aromas that will be addictive and enjoyable. 

Primary Flavors: Caramel, Apple, Candy