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If you want to get the sugar rush that you have been waiting for, then this salt e liquid is the right one for you. Candy Rush is the sugary treat that will give you the tingling notes that make your taste buds go crazy. Mega Salt E Liquid is the epic vape juice collection that is ready to introduce you to the many blends that it has available for you. However, this particular flavor is one that stands out from the bunch because it tastes like something you get out of a candy shop. When you take a hit of this salt e liquid, you will enjoy the gummy sensation as if you just popped several pieces of gummy candy in your mouth. We get it; you were trying to see how many you could hold in while still having the ability to speak. Find another way to get that answer because this salt e liquid is made to be appreciated and not messed with. As you continue to inhale, the blend gets even sweeter than you anticipated. Eventually, the salt e liquid begins to travel down your throat, which can only mean one thing. Since this vape juice contains salt based nicotine, you will get greeted by a massive throat hit that simply explodes in your mouth and it enhances the flavors of this concoction. Almost instantly, you might begin to salivate as you enjoy what this whole vape trip has to offer. Gently exhale and allow the vape juice to take its time exiting. A small number of clouds will begin to stream out of your mouth and you can finally smell the sweet aromas begin to surround you. Your cloudy friends might leave early, but the scent will still linger around for a bit so that you can enjoy it. Have fun with this salt e liquid because it seems like it is the full package when it comes to vape trips. 

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**


Primary Flavors: Gummy, Candy 

PG/VG: 50/50