Cheeseberry Straw Cake - BKRY E Liquid

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Cheeseberry Straw Cake - BKRY E Liquid 

 No, you don't have to check your eyesight, the name is correct! This treat won't just have you second-guessing what you just read but you will also be questioning your taste buds when you can experience just how realistic and tempting that it really is. If someone is a sweet tooth, odds are that they have a special spot deep down in their heart for this classic treat that could charm anyone who has it. There is something that is just so decadent and luxurious about it and if many of us just smell it we seem to gain a pound or two. That's why it is so nice that we can now take part in enjoying this gourmet treat without having to worry about adjusting our belt buckles or doing a few more reps at the gym. You can turn every single day into a special occasion when you have this heart-stopping treat in your clutches, adding convenience and simplicity into your life. Every inhale will pull you further and further into the fantasy of enjoying a meal at some exclusive night spot that you would typically have to make reservations for weeks if not months in advance. One thing about the blends from BKRY E Liquid is the fact that they stay as relevant and interesting at the bottom of the bottle as they did when you first vaped them. All of their juices are unique, creative and most of all, delicious. Cheeseberry Straw Cake takes a silky smooth, impossibly creamy cheesecake base and covers it with a heaping pile of fresh, juicy, ripe strawberries that add just the right amount of refreshing balance that makes this juice a true winner in every sense of the word!

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Cheesecake