Cinnamon Crunch - Vape Wild E Liquid

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Cinnamon Crunch - Vape Wild E Liquid 

When you wake up in the morning for work, you know you have to start your day by getting ready, but you do not want to move. The bed in the morning sometimes gets too comfy for some reason. You finally sit up and realize that someone has made you breakfast in bed. It is simply a bowl of cereal, but it is the thought that counts. Anyways, instead of wondering who made this for you, you go for the first spoonful of flakes. When you take the first bite, you are going to taste the crunchy flakes that are going to be yummy. As you savor each and every one of them, you will realize that each flake is coated in with some rich cinnamon. Your taste buds are going to be tingling, but there is something else for them to go wild over. The milk flavor is going to become potent and you will enjoy the creamy sensation scatter around your mouth and make this combination develop a smooth texture. You lie back down for a quick second and sit back up. You notice that this was not a bowl of cereal, but the sensation you get when vaping with an epic e liquid. Cinnamon Crunch is the e liquid that continues to take over your body, and you start to feel it go down your throat. You are going to receive a throat hit that is going to be memorable. It is not going to be too intense so do not expect the most, but it still going to be a trip like no other. When you think is it time for you to exhale, you will gently let everything out of your system. The clouds that are going to escape out of your mouth are going to be magical. A cloud show like no other!

Primary Flavors: Cinnamon, Cereal, Milk

PG/VG: 35/65