Cinnamon Custard - Mr. Custard E Liquid

Brand: Mr. Custard E Liquid

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Cinnamon Custard - Mr. Custard E Liquid

When those cravings start to rear their ugly head, you know who to turn to! Mr. Custard E Liquid comes out with some of the most amazing, sensual custard based blends that you are going to ever taste. They have really mastered the reproduction of this classic dessert in such a great way that is going to end up making your vape collection feel so much more cohesive, put together and enjoyable to use. It's always good to have a few staples around and we can assure you that this juice is one that will be able to give you so much comforting warmth that always pops up and makes you feel like you are all wrapped up in a cozy embrace whenever you vape with it. This will be a selection that is going to pop up very frequently during the fall and winter time but you are still going to end up finding yourself filling your tank up with this juice in the middle of the summer for just how sensationally delicious that it is. Why would you ever want to have to subject yourself to adding a bunch of calories into your routine when you can vape this juice that brings everything you crave. Mr. Custard E Liquid has mastered the art of making custard inspired juice blends that are a little bit quirky, fun and offer up a little something different that will add a load of adventure into your tank. Cinnamon Custard takes that smooth, soothing, sophisticated custard base and then loads it with some sweet, spicy cinnamon that will grab a hold of your taste buds and never let go!

Primary Flavors: Custard, Cinnamon