Cocochella - Boho Vape

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Cocochella - Boho Vape

If you've had fantasies about all of the different music festivals to come this upcoming summertime, this will be the blend for you. Anyone who has attended one of these weekend affairs will know that convenience is key, it's important to dress comfortably, wear supportive shoes, pack smartly and of course, keep things light. When you own this blend, it's going to be the only juice that you're going to need to be able to get all of that satisfaction that you crave with a fresh taste that helps to keep you revived and comfortable even though you're overheated and frustrated. There are some of us that can't get enough of the heat, but for a large selection of us, we enjoy it in small intervals but after too long, it becomes a real problem. It just makes you irritated and uncomfortable, the only thing that you can end up thinking about is a solution to this age-old problem. When the fan, water and hiding in the freezer section at your local grocery store doesn't cut it, a blend like this is going to be just what you needed to really have a great time and be able to truly relax. Boho Vapes make blends for those free-spirited vapers who love interesting flavor profiles with an edge. They really create amazing juices that are going to have you in such a fabulous mood, wishing that you could have come across them years upon years ago. Cocochella is just the blend that you are going to want to have in your possession during those sweltering days that have you wishing that the winter would hurry up and a massive snowstorm could touch down. This juice combines exotic passion fruit with sweet coconut water.

Primary Flavors: Coconut Water, Passion Fruit