Coffee Cream Tobacco - Saucy Salts E Liquid

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Coffee Cream Tobacco - Saucy Salts E Liquid

All of your favorite morning vices are brought together in this blend that is going to have you simplifying your routine to the fullest. Who has that extra time to brew a coffee, smoke a cigarette and run to the store to get some cream when instead you could spend that precious time curled up under the covers snoring? There's a reason that these two habits are typically enjoyed together and that's because those two seemingly opposite flavors really do go together and work to give you this super relaxed, laid back kind of feeling that is ideal for helping you to get in the right mindset for the rest of the day to come. If you really do enjoy those more sophisticated and nuanced juices you are going to come to find that this blend is able to fit the bill and do so much more as well. When you take an inhale, you are immediately going to notice the way that this blend is made to be as smooth as velvet and give you this overall feeling of calm and rejuvenation. Saucy Salts E Liquid makes a range of really delectable blends that are all made with creativity as well as passion. They really do put a lot of time into making sure that their different flavors are as true to form as can be and give you, the consumer, the sessions that you once only dreamt were possible. Cream Coffee Tobacco starts out with a mellow, earthy, traditional tobacco flavor that is set off by some deep, rich coffee and a hint of silky smooth, slightly sweet cream that wraps this blend up.

**This Product Contains Salt Based Nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Coffee, Cream