Coffee - Dream MTL E Liquid

Brand: Dream MTL E Liquid

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Coffee - Dream MTL E Liquid

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who jump out of bed with great enthusiasm and then there's those who can't stand the thought of having to peel back the covers before early afternoon. It would be pretty safe to say that a majority of us would be in the second category. Unfortunately, a large percentage of us who would much rather spend most of the day rolling around in bed, snuggling and sleeping have to get up way earlier than we would wish to start our day. That's why coffee is an essential part of a huge amount of the populations daily routine. Instead of having to make your way down to your preferred coffee shop at the same time that everyone else is, dealing with the crowds and frustration, you can simply load this blend into your open pod system device and get that flavor that's an important part of starting your day on the right foot. Dream MTL E Liquid makes a range of freebase nicotine juices that will allow you to find versatility and enjoyment without any stress or worry. Coffee gives you that warm, rich, sense awakening classic flavor that you love with just the right amount of premium vanilla which complements that earthy quality that coffee has and adds a hint of sweetness. Balanced and bold, you're going to love being able to spend those extra precious moments in bed thanks to the convenience of this juice.

Primary Flavors: Coffee, Vanilla