Concentrated Nicotine Additive - Sapphyre Nic

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Concentrated Nicotine Additive - Sapphyre Nic 


The Concentrated Nicotine Additive, by Sapphyre Nic, might be the perfect product many of us should consider getting because it can be pretty helpful. Sometimes we can be unaware of our preference when it comes to nicotine strength. However, it is not odd for some of us to begin to want a high intensity when going on our vaping adventures. This product is kind of like a nicotine additive that is ready to add a little something extra to your vape juice so that it can truly satisfy you. This additive comes in a packet that contains 0.9ml of product that is prepared to help. There are also a couple of different levels of concentration, which is important to know. The 10% option, gives you the opportunity to turn your 0mg bottle into a 3mg bottle once you a few drops of this nicotine additive to your 30ml bottle of vape juice. The 20% option allows you to increase the nicotine strength of your vape juice by Nicotine Units. There is also a new 15ml size option that comes in 25mg as well as 45mg nicotine strength options to choose from. This is an easy-to-use product that can potentially change the way you start vaping in the future. It will most likely be an incredible experience once you start introducing this lovely blend to one of your delicious vape juices. 

Product Features: 

  • Packet Size: 0.9ml
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Compact
  • Increases Nicotine Strength Of Vape Juice 
  • Nicotine Concentrations Available: 10%, 20%
  • 10% Strength Will Increase a 30ml Bottle By 3 Nicotine Units
  • 20% Strength Will Increase a 30ml Bottle By Nicotine Units

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Packet Of Concentrated Nicotine Additive By Sapphyre Nic