Cool Melon - Prophet E Liquid

Brand: Prophet E Liquid

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Cool Melon - Prophet E Liquid

There's no reason to fear the reaper, it's only here to give you some yummy flavor to fill your tank and have you smiling from ear to ear. A chilly melon flavored candy is given a blast of menthol to remind you of the treats that you can get from one of those coin machines. So delicious but so difficult to find, those candies just melt in your mouth with their out of control amount of sweet, bright melon flavor that has a taste all of its own. Remind yourself of those days when you would pester your parents and pull on their pant legs over and over again to get a few coins at the mall. When you would finally convince them to give you some, you would run as fast as your legs could take you until you were completely out of breath. When you would finally get there you couldn't get the coin in fast enough, then you would put one of your hands right under the slot and use the other to turn, turn, turn the lever and get loads of those sweet little treasures into your hands. Being as careful as you can, you would do your best not to spill any on the floor but lets be real, even if you did you would just blow it off. The five second rule still exists, doesn't it? Do malls even have those little machines anymore? None of that matters now that you have this juice that will recreate that experience seamlessly without having to concern yourself with those pesky cavities that empty your bank account and are a general pain in the backside. This juice has that candy store quality flavor you love in an easy vape form.

Primary Flavors: Melon, Candy, Menthol