Cool Mint/Jewel Mint - Pod Juice Salts

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Cool Mint/Jewel Mint - Pod Juice Salts


One of the most exciting things about mint-flavored vape juices is how well they are able to kill several birds with one stone. You're not just getting a vape juice, you're getting an ultraportable life hack. I'll explain it. The coolness of mint can be all the air conditioning you need on a hot summer day. It could also help you rejuvenate your breath should you ever fall into an emergency. Cool Mint by Pod Juice Salts is power-packed with all of the North Pole's iciest strength. It's chilly and zesty at the same time. This vape juice is sure to leave and exhilarating taste in your mouth, and did we forget to mention? It is a salt e liquid. Pod Juice salts is a brand dedicated to making salt based nicotine vape juices that serve to heighten the pod mod vaping experience. With Cool Mint, you get to experience the nitty-gritty of flavor while inhaling a smoother, higher nicotine capacity. This really is the dream. Take you yourself to cloudier heights with Cool Mint by Pod Juice Salts. You're about to be in for a treat. Your taste buds and lungs, upon inhale will be saturated with the delectability of this mix. Imagine yourself swimming in the middle of the arctic ocean, taking all the chill without freezing. That sensation is possible and Cool Mint might just be your best bet. A cool frosty inhale is balanced by a sweet minty exhale. Customers already laud this flavor for being extremely smooth. All talk and no action never benefitted anybody. Try out this vape juice today and figure out what the hullabaloo is all about. Pod Juice Salts is a salt e liquid

*This product contains salt based nicotine

Primary Flavors: Mint

PG/VG: 50/50