Cool Runnings - 503 E Liquid

Brand: 503 E Liquid

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Cool Runnings - 503 E Liquid

Ah, can you feel that? That's a cool breeze that's drifted in off of the ocean on a hot, muggy day. It's that little bit of relief that makes you feel so comfortable and invigorated. Imagine being able to take that wonderful sensation and transforming it into the form of a vape juice blend that's equally as effective and pleasant of a feeling. Somehow, 503 E Liquid is able to recapture so many different feelings and flavors with their skill for putting together accurate tasting blends that spur on so many different memories that will have you happily taking a stroll down memory lane whenever you hit the fire button on your mind. The passion that the producers at this collection have is clear and the quality sets them apart from so many other blends that are out there on the market today. This combination of flavors is like a tropical vacation in a bottle, you can almost feel the sunshine hitting your shoulders and hear the birds when you smell it's authentic natural flavors. Have you ever gone on a holiday to a warm, beautiful paradise where you can lay back, catch some rays and spend your days focused on you and only you? If so, you know all about just how wonderful that it is. A juice like this will help you to fantasize about that dreamy situation in such a realistic and inspiring way that will have you smiling from ear to ear. Cool Runnings combines sweet, light coconut with a bold, citrusy pineapple and a hint of menthol that makes for a refresher that will have you feeling so packed with energy that there will be no slowing you down!

Primary Flavors: Coconut, Pineapple, Menthol

PG/VG: 50/50