Cotton Candy - Big Bubble E Liquid

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Cotton Candy - Big Bubble E Liquid 

Bring a little bit of that fairground worthy flavor into the mix with this juice that is able to completely capture the taste of the circus in one juice that you can enjoy all year long. When you catch a load of what this blend is able to offer up, you are never going to be able to put it down. There is just something about it that can be vaped non stop and always put you into that amazing mood where it feels like nothing can cloud your sunny skies. A smile will instantly spread across your face and you will be ready to impart a little bit of extra joy onto your day when you taste these flavors that literally embody joy. It's like two of the most nostalgic parts of your youth have been able to come together to make for one amazing flavor that will have your mind taken way back to those simpler times where it seemed like every moment was all about having fun. Every inhale of this juice is going to have you falling more and more in love with it and we have a feeling that you are going to have to get yourself a couple of backups of it so that you never, ever have to go without its delectable essence in your back pocket, for you to access whenever you need it. Big Bubble E Liquid is a collection that focuses all of its efforts on making bubble gum based blends that are packed with sweet flavor that will charm your taste buds and make you feel a little bit younger in your soul. Cotton Candy takes that old school bubble gum base that you love so much and packs in some light, fluffy bubble gum taste that will have you filled with spirit.

Primary Flavors: Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum

PG/VG: 20/80