Cream Cookie - FRYD E Liquid

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Cream Cookie - FRYD E Liquid

Sometimes we like to treat ourselves to something sugary and delicious, but the items freshly baked at the famous pastry shops never seem to hit the spot. Well, Cream Cookie, by FRYD E Liquid, is the incredible vape juice that is prepared to wow you with its combination of primary flavors that will rock your taste buds. Take a hit and almost instantly fall in love with the way this smooth blend glides over your tongue. Get the sensation as if you are letting an oven-baked cookie melt in your mouth. Savor the creamy chocolate notes gently satisfy your sweet tooth and sugary craving you had. This mouthwatering pastry is prepared to make you a fan of what it has to offer. Even when you think it is time to exhale, breathing out is a magical experience. Feel the soft e liquid make an elegant exit as it allows the tongue to be entertained by the last hints and notes it has to offer. Let the clouds surround you and let you smell their divine aromas that are out of this world. These friendly clouds have the ability to convince almost everyone that a second hit is definitely on the agenda. This amazing e liquid is available in a 60ml bottle, which is a decent amount for you to take several hits before you have to restock. Yes, we are saying restock because after the first hit, you may never want this e liquid to ever have to leave your side. Also, its popularity causes this blend to sell out in many stores frequently, so make sure you do not sleep on it. Since the brand has a large line of e liquids, feel free to check out the rest of the collection that this vape juice is part of. However, this particular e liquid may be the one you stick to for a very long time.  

Primary Flavors: Cookie, Chocolate, Cream, Pastry