Crisp Apple Smash - Apple Twist E Liquid

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Crisp Apple Smash - Apple Twist E Liquid 

A combination of different kinds of apples is something you may not be used to but will be excited to try. Crisp Apple Smash By Apple Twist E Liquid is the e liquid that leaves us all speechless as it gives up a flavor that roams in our mouths exploding different hints everywhere. When you decide to indulge in this e liquid, you kind of have to prepare yourself for some greatness because it offers a unique sensation that may make you lose your mind. Taking the first pull feels magical as the apple flavors sneak in your palate and begin to travel around seeing if you have prepped. Suddenly, there is an interesting explosion that makes you feel like you just took a bite of an apple that tastes like it was made from a couple of different kinds. You can savor the sweet Fuji apples making your taste buds tingle because it has been a while since they enjoyed such a magical fruit. As you continue to inhale, the Granny Smith apples grow potent and you can feel the tart hints begin to add a little finesse to the vape trip. It is a sweet and tart mixture that makes your mouth water the longer you hold it in. The small throat hit makes you want to take another hit as soon as you exhale. Breathing out is incredible because you can admire the huge beautiful clouds that escape your mouth. They smell divine and you begin to feel grateful that with every packaging you receive this succulent e liquid that you will most likely fall in love with. That gives you a good time whenever you think a good fruity hit is needed. Sure, you can take a trip to the orchard and pick out a couple of different apples, but nothing is going to be as good as this e liquid that does not require you to travel far to receive.


Primary Flavors: Apple

PG/VG: 30/70


Package Contains:


  • Either 1 60ml or 2 x 60ml Bottles Of Crisp Apple Smash By Apple Twist E Liquid