Crispy - Artisan Clouds Salt Nic E Liquid

Brand: Artisan Clouds Salt Nic E Liquid

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Sometimes you want a snack that will be crunchy and creamy, and luckily, this salt e liquid might give you exactly what you need. Cripsy is not only how you like your bacon, but it is also the name of the salt e liquid that will be mouthwatering and perhaps nostalgic. Artisan Clouds Salt Nic E Liquid is the brand that this vape juice is part of, and it has certainly grown to be a fan favorite. This blend is going to remind you of those cereal treats you used to buy and perhaps even frequently make when you were a kid because it was so easy. However, you might also still have those treats around because it is the easiest thing you can grab when you are on the go. Waking up late can happen to anyone, so having a treat that you can easily pick up and be out the door sounds like the most convenient thing to have. Well, now you may not have to buy those treats in bulk because you can have this vape juice that will satisfy your taste buds whenever you think they can use a little something sweet. Do not worry because it will not be so sugary that it has you bouncing off the walls and making you run laps around your entire street block. It's just a cereal treat that wants to give you the pick me up that you deserve. Every time you take a hit, you might even get the crunchy sensation that might make you want to start munching away as if you were trying to break it down with your teeth. Hey, if it makes the trip better, why not. Looking silly is the least of your worries because you will be experiencing a trip of a lifetime. The salt based nicotine in this vape juice will even add a little something that makes you want to take another hit almost right away! Indulge in this salt e liquid whenever you want and you will always receive the flavors that make your mouth water. 

**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Cream

PG/VG: 50/50