Depths - Leviathan E Liquid

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Depths - Leviathan E Liquid

Reach the absolute depths of satisfaction with this juice that's got such a decadent and fully formed flavor profile that will make you think about relaxing fire-side in some gorgeous log cabin on an exclusive ski resort. The complementary flavors that are packed into this selection are going to be ones that will hit that special sweet spot in so many vapers taste buds. This selection really does have the ability to impart itself on your taste buds and immediately become a familiar favorite that will pop up into your thoughts whenever you start to consider skipping out of work a little bit early to hit up your local bakery. Now you can get all of the enjoyment that you've always fantasized about without any of the consequences so all that you need to concern yourself with is finding happiness, relaxation and enjoyment. It really is quite stunning the way that this blend has been able to combine all of these different flavors in such a balanced and truly yummy way that immediately turns it into a staple classic that we're sure many of you will end up repurchasing time and time again. Leviathan E Liquid puts out a line of ocean inspired juices that stand out from the crowd for their interesting and dynamic flavor profiles. Depths is a combination of custard, vanilla, caramel and sea salt that will make you feel beyond pampered.

Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Custard, Caramel, Sea Salt