Different - Something E Liquid

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Different - Something E Liquid

Every now and again we all need something different around that is going to flip around your collection and make it so that you feel that passion for vaping once again. When you can taste it you are going to feel this energy coursing through your veins and a positivity flowing throughout your day. As you can taste it, you are going to be super uplifted and wish that you could have discovered it so much earlier. It has got this really interesting and wonderful flavor about it that is so impressive and delicious. From hot summer days to those times when you could just use a little bit of a cool down from working too hard, this is going to be the number one option that enters your mind and makes it so that you are able to walk away from your vaping session feeling as renewed and revived as you could possibly be. That is such a hard thing to be able to accomplish and when you can find something that can do it with an ease and effortlessness like this one can, you know that you have really come across something special. Something E Liquid is a brand that makes juices that are so special and fun that you will want to end up collecting them all. This lines passion for vaping rings through loud and clear and that quality is going to make it so that you can get the epic flavor and texture that you so greatly deserve. Different combines succulent, super juicy watermelon with a mixture of bold, juicy berries and a whole lot of icy cold menthol that will send you into one of the most cheerful moods that you can possibly imagine.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Mixed Berry, Menthol