Don Cookie Butter - Stumps E Liquid

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Don Cookie Butter - Stumps E Liquid

Grandma's visit came earlier than expected and her famous spiced cookies were the highlight of the day. Never thought you could have cookies trailed with the deliciousness of grandma's spices? Think again. Don Cookie Butter gives a new take to the satisfying deliciousness of dessert. All hail the Don! This e liquid possesses an electrifying taste that will leave your tongue watering with immense pleasure. It is grandma's delicious cookies, spiced heavily, straight out of the oven, and layered daintily over a luxurious spread of nut butter. This e juice takes the phrase peanut butter cookies to the next level, although peanut may not be the only nut you taste. Explore an exciting new flavor with Don Cookie Butter. It is the delectable taste of dessert packed into one bottle and wrapped with all the love and care grandma can offer. Vape to this and its sweetness wouldn't be the only thing you'd be pleasured by. Don Cookie Butter by The Stumps E Juice is all shades of the real deal. If satisfaction is what you want, satisfaction is what you'll get. Every hint of flavor you'd taste on your inhale would be a direct representation of the immense care and precision that was put into making this e-liquid a perfect blend for you. Do not expect this cookie to crumble but brace yourself to. I don't imagine your body would be able to condone this manner of deliciousness without forewarning. If you loved Mr. Meringue and/or are a huge fan of Charlie's Chalk Dust, you'd love Don Cookie Butter by The Stumps E Liquid. If the packaging didn't already give it away, here's a quick hint. This e liquid comes from the same great mind.

Primary Flavors: Cookie, Nuts, Butter

PG/VG: 30/70